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Our Services

We offer a fully integrated facility for all projects ranging from TV series and feature films to commercials, podcasts, dubbings and more. 

Studio Services

With our long standing professional creative team, we provide services for the entire range of sound postproduction from dialogue editing, sound design, ADR- & foley-recording, re-recording mixing to sound-restoration and more. 

Our stages are acoustically sound proofed using room in room construction and extensive acoustic treatment. They provide the perfect environment to finalize your project. All stages are fully integrated in our centralized storage system. 

Re-recording Stage

Our calibrated 5.1 cinema & TV mixing stage (± 400m3) is equipped with a 40 fader ProTools controller, a Barco projector and QSC cinema speaker system. 

Foley Recording Stage

Our Foley recording stage (± 200m3) is equipped with a Sonosax analogue mixing desk and a wide variety of microphones.
It holds several in and outdoor surfaces, doors, chairs, kitchen, running water and even a small car!


ADR Recording & Editing

We offer a local ADR setup or we can connect to studios around the world by Source-Connect. We have a wide range of boom and lav microphones available. 

Editing and Sound Design

LCR Editing suites for all dialog editing, sound design and restoration:
We process the originally recorded sound using all leading-edge sound technology available today. We always strive to retain as much of the on-set sound as possible.


Production sound / Set Recordings 

Hans & Stijn have a long tradition of production sound mixing for series and movies. They both bring an extensive list of the best recording gear on the market today. This way we try to cover any situation to reduce the need to ADR even more complex scenes.

Check our extensive list of jobs we did in the past:

imdb Hans

imdb Stijn


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